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Related post: Date: Sat, 01 May 2004 21:50:19 -0700 From: bawdy pen Subject: PERFECT MATCH Part 5 (scat ws) THE PERFECT MATCH--Part 5 by bawdypen A surprising request from a group in Davenport, Iowa, of all places, had us a little worried. The idea of doing such things in front of a virgin pussy group of FARMERS--in America's heartland-- would have been unthinkable if it weren't for the large sum offered. Apparently, the group leader, Orville Buckworth, had seen our show in Chicago and spread the word. We met with him when we arrived at the bus depot. He assured us there would be no trouble even though the audience would be made up of rednecks--horny rednecks! He said even though they were dumb hicks, the money they were willing to shell out for our unique 'show' guaranteed there would be no rough stuff. That was indeed reassuring--especially since it was to take place in a barn! Without a stage! Just us... surrounded by about twenty rural types of all ages. When we were brought in and introduced to the overall-clad group, we quickly realized that most of them were probably straight! The oldest was in his mid-40's, and several must have been no more than 16--sons, nephews or younger brothers of the older ones...all gathered together to see a nasty show put on by some 'gay fellers' from the city. But we could also see that, underneath those overalls and International Harvester caps, pulsed some rather handsome male beauties. "Glad ta meet ya, boys," gushed one well-built guy with the brightest, twinkling blue eyes I'd ever seen. "Orv told us 'bout the things you fellers do. Sez it was the nastiest durned thing he ever saw!" A younger, handsome stud, joked, "I'd like ta shake your hands, boys, but there ain't no tellin' what you been touchin' lately!" He guffawed and virgin cp slapped us on the backs. After a few more good-natured introductions, I asked about the young ones being present. "Aw, hell! Don't worry none 'bout them," one chuckled. "Thems our suck boys! "SUCK BOYS?" Matt asked. "You mean they're gay?" "Naw. Oh, mebbe a couple of 'em favor lickin' dick ta eatin' pussy, but they's just farmboys. Farmboys diff'rent from city boys. Farmboys take it wheres they can get it. And the way we treat our womenfolk, and thems that trespass, if'n a farmboy don't suck cock and bend over once in a while, he jus' don't get much! These boys want to see a sex the deal is they gotta fiddle 'n suck ta get in. You know, play with us menfolk durin' the show, 'n take a wet swipe on it once in a while. Say, you fellas like 'em young, doncha? Boys don't mind showin' it!" Amazing! The farmers were going to watch our nasty show, while the Tom Sawyers and Huck Finns licked 'em and jacked 'em off for the price of admission! I surveyed the chicken entourage. They looked just as anxious as the elders for the show to get started. We entered an area in the middle of the big barn. A large burlap canvas had been spread out over the dirt and hay-strewn floor. We met in the middle and started with a kiss. We figured if these country boys couldn't handle that, we'd best not go any further. But they quickly reacted with enthusiastic applause and whoopin' as if it was the virgin fucking free pics most outrageously sexual thing they'd ever seen, even making remarks of surprise that gave us an indication that, while they and the farmboys might suck and fuck--kissing was a rather unique activity between men. It also seemed that the boys were the ones that sucked and got fucked. The men had arranged themselves in a half-circle around us, sitting on bales of hay. "You suck boys best strip off!" one fellow called out. "Case we get a hankerin' to pork some butthole!" Pulling from our embrace, Mart and I looked around. Maybe not exactly hungry for cock up the ass or down the craw, they were definitely excited about seeing us in action. Chuckling and giggling, they scampered out of their Levi's and overalls faster than Cub Scouts invited to sleep in the Den Leader's tent! By the time they settled down near their assigned(?) farmer, every one of them had a perky boner sticking up. We were aghast! They were all so beautifully horny! Especially when one of them--not more than 14--flapped his dick at us, smiling an invitation and desire to be sucked off by a 'real queer.' He was quickly grabbed by the scruff of the neck and pulled down, his hand pulled onto the leader's crotch. "Sit your butt down, Luke. You worry 'bout this here for now. You wanna mess with 'queer dick' Richmond virginia public library you do it after the show!" "Aw, Pa!" the kid complained, "I was only foolin'!" PA?! The littles virgins kid was his own father's 'suck boy'!" "Hey, Teen virgin defloration Orville!" a younger guy, maybe 22, called from the other side. virgin sex bondage He had no boy next to him. "Ain't bein' his pa and all. Not when some of us are without! You oughta send the boy over here." "Yeah, Orville," one of the other older men agreed. "Ain't right doin' it so much with kin. We know you been porkin' the kid since he wuz 9! Give some of us a chance. "Sides, Wilbur's got no suck boy." "Hell, they's all gonna circulate. Doncha know that?" Orville explained the program. "Ain't no fuzz offa my ass. You wanna go play with Wilbur's pecker, boy?" "SURE, PA! HE'S GOT A BIG ONE!" "Then getchur skinny ass over virgin defloration free pictures there! But let's get the show goin'. I'm anxious to see these amiture virgins two go at it!" We listened, stupified and amused, while they tossed this around. It was a bit absurd, yet delightfully refreshing considering the crowds we were used to. We stood there, hugging, stroking each other's crotch while gazing at the splendid young nudity. All the while this was going on, a round-faced freckled youngster with a thick handful of cock was slowly stroking it nudists naturists teen virgin with one hand while rubbing his hand over the crotch of a tall, lanky fellow. Neither of them paid any attention to the others--they just kept smiling and watching us. Not sure from the beginning how to approach this whole thing, we kinda shrugged at each other. It was painfully obvious, to us, that we were going to be upstaged by the audience if we weren't careful. Not knowing what to expect, we didn't have a program. In sticky situations, Matt usually left it to me...since I porn virgins had virgin petite teen the ability to be spontaneous. But nothing we'd done before would work with this crowd. I was at a loss. Then I suddenly got an idea. I'd use this crowd. I pulled Matt aside and whispered a quick story line. Then we sauntered back in. "Hi, mister!" I said to Matt. "You one of them city dudes?" "Yes, I sure illegal virgin pic am," Matt replied, looking me over. "Say, you're a mighty cute farmboy. You wouldn't happen to be a SUCK BOY, would you?" adolescents nudes virgin The audience cheered virgin lesbian amateur sex and laughed at that. "Golly, yes!" I gushed, kinda hanging my head. "But I didn't think you city folks knew about us suck boys." "Well, I've heard rumors. See, I'm a tractor salesman from Chicago. I've been down here for two weeks...away from my girlfriend...and my big prick's just about to burst! Is it true that a suck boy hasta suck off any guy that needs it?" "Naw. But we are known for our hospitality!" "Wanna give me a blowjob?" Matt asked. "Gee, I dunno, mister. peeing virgins That sure depends on a lot of things. I'll hafta feel it first." I touched my hand to his crotch for a tenth of a second. "SURE, I'LL BLOW YA! WHIP IT OUT!" "Wow! It sure didn't take you long. What were all the things it virgin pretten pics depended on?" "Well, it's big, it's hard, and it's the only one around!" The crowd was loving our feeble attempt at humor. Matt opened his fly and whipped out his long, hard prick. Appreciative murmurs made the rounds. Men were urging the suck boys to pussy virgin play with them harder. I figured this would all go better if everybody was russian virgin movies nude. "Hey, mister!" I cried at Matt. "You trying to insult me? If a guy don't get buck nekked--I don't suck!" Several boys expressed similar demands, so their benefactors happily went along and stripped. It was becoming audience suggestion/participation. It was as if they wanted to be a part of the show. They didn't seem to mind in the least that we'd stall our routine until they caught up. "OK," Matt began to strip, while I free mature virgins pulled at my own clothing, "but I hope I don't offend you. I've been driving a tractor around in this heat all day. I'm pretty sweaty!" "Shucks!" I cried, "That don't matter none. I'm used to that. What do you think farmers are like after bein' in the fields all day? We go shuckin' down behind the barn and start grabbin' at each other, it sex free virgin don't make no nevermind 'bout a little more smell 'round a farm. Sheesh! You oughta smell my friend Luke," I chided, "Him 'n me're always lickin' the salt offa each other's balls! He does it real good, even if he does say his Pa's taste better! Figgers, since he's been lappin' his Pa's nuts since he was nine! And they are a lot bigger!" "Come're boy!" Orville yelled out. "Lick muh nuts!" Orville, like all the rest, was completely naked, flogging his bone. "Aw, Pa!" Luke reluctantly left Wilbur's juicy hardon. "You can go back after a coupla licks. Ya do junior virgin girl like lickin' mine best, doncha?" "Yeah, but how'd they know?" he whined. "I c'n always lick yours. Never Lingerie stores virginia got ta play with Wilbur before." Orville spread his virgin pussy crack legs wide as the boy dropped to his knees. "Just get 'em nice links russian teen virgin and wet. Then you c'n go back to that sassy young'un and give him a good ballsuck." "Mighty rangy, Pa!" All attention was diverted to Luke's sucking his father's ballsack. It was part of the show. After he'd scampered back all virgins bleed and lapped a bit at Wilbur's hefty nuts, Wilbur piped up. "Rangy ain't best buy virgin mobile the word, Luke. I had my nose on your Pa's nuts more'n once when I was a suck boy!" Titters and guffaws were heard virgin preeteen pussy all around. I pulled their attention away. "Boy, mister, you weren't kiddin'!" I said, scooching my mouth up under Matt's heavy balls. I was in a pants down to my ankles. I was slipping Matt's pants to his knees. We were both shirtless. "Them's really ripe and flavorful!" I licked his balls while his prong flopped over my face. Then I netherlands virgin porno grabbed it and quickly engulfed all of it--sucking up his entire cock. Then I started to lick on the sides, facing the audience. Young faces were being pushed into older crotches, but the boys were demurring. "Hold off, fellas!" one guy held up his hand. "Boys don't wanna miss the show, and some virgin girls photos of us are in need of their services! Let's just have a quick go-around." The suck boys eagerly started blowing the men. After a few seconds, the same guy yelled out, "Allemande left!" The boys instantly scooted over to the man on their free nasty virgin left and resumed fervent cocksucking. The square dance announcer repeated this several sex forced virgin times until each man had been sucked by several different boys. Fathers, sons, uncles, nephews, brothers...who knew? Who cared? They obviously didn't! But they had enough sense to stop before climaxing. We finished stripping completely. I didn't suck, but I continued to fondle and caress Matt's naked body--front and back. Resuming, I gave Matt a hot lusty blowjob--until he was easing me back--fearful of coming too soon. I looked up. "Ya suck, mister?" "Never had a cock in my mouth, kid. But any Suck Boy that's as good and as pretty as you sure deserves it! Put that pretty pecker in my mouth," he said, going to his knees, "I'll certainly do my darndest!" "OH, MISTER! THAT FEELS SO GOOD!" "I think every suck boy deserves a return favor once in a while!" Matt suggested, looking at the group. The youngsters were already on their feet, pushing their randy boners into the men's faces. Some were a little shaken and tentative. "NO BULLSHIT, MEN!" cried Orville. "SUCK virgins teen childrens THEM BOYS! Show don't go on til every man's tasted three of 'em! If a boy comes, drink that syrup down. He'll get it up again real soon." Then he slipped his lips over the sturdy young prick of the freckled youngster I'd noticed earlier. The boys weren't crazy. They quickly took advantage of the rare opportunity. By the third go-around every boy had shot his wad into a man's gulping mouth. One quiet, handsome farmer must have had great mouth action. He'd managed to bring off two of the lads himself. He smiled, sweet cum dribbling down his chin. I whispered to Freckles to save a load for me. He beamed! "SHUR!" he yelled out. "YOU CAN PORK MY BUTTHOLE TOO, IF YA WANT!" I almost blushed, until I realized our purpose. I pumped my cock into Matt's mouth, telling him how well he sucked for a city guy. We went on for a while, until Matt grabbed my hips and turned me around. "Bend over, kid," he said, pushing on my lower back, "let's see that pretty bunghole of yours!" Giggles. "Whatcha gonna do, virgin teens petite mister? Cornhole me?" I asked over my shoulder. "Maybe. First I wanna SMELL IT!" Anxious laughter. "Wow! That's pretty tangy! Don't you farmboys wipe your bums very good?" Exuberant laughter--especially from the youngsters. "IF YA DON'T LIKE IT, MISTER," I acted offended, "YOU CAN TAKE YOUR NOSE OUTTA THERE ANY DAY NOW!" Knee-slapping, gut- busting guffaws. "Boy like you oughta keep himself cleaner. I best clean you up." "Ain't got no paper, mister." "That's okay, I'll just lick it clean!" Matt started to lap at my anus. He held my cheeks wide apart, giving them a good view and he'd lick and pull away, then plunge back in amateur virgins for more. Startled gasps, mostly from the younger ones. Sucking, virgins girls fucking, even the occassional animal-plugging. But butt-licking, we'd been told, was practically non-existent around here. That's why we were being paid so much. After a while, I straightened up. "Didja get any shit on your tongue, mister?" "Nope!" Matt laughed. "You wanna try it?" "Naw, we don't do that kinda stuff teen virgin fucked 'round here." "Why not?" "Well...dunno. Don't know anybody ever tried it before. Kinda dirty, ain't it?" "Kid, lickin' defloring virgins pussy pics assholes is one of the greatest pleasures there is. Can't get girls to do it, so I look up boys like you. I c'd suck a boy's asshole all day long! Come on, give it a try." "Yeah, but you're a MAN, mister...not a boy!" "Same thing. A man smells a bit stronger, that's all. But he's also got a bigger anus to suck on. You'll like it--I GOT A BIG ASSHOLE!" Plenty of laughter, some of it sounding more serious. They weren't fiddling much anymore...they were paying rapt attention to us. "Well..." I hesitated, "how do I do it? If I wanted to, that is?" "Kneel down," Matt pointed to the floor. Then he turned around and obscenely stuck his ass in my face. "Grab hold and open it up. Now take a good look. Bet you never had a good look at a guy's asshole, hunh?" "'s all p-pink and w-wrinkled!" More laughter. "Sure it is...NOW SMELL IT!" I pushed my nose in there in a comical way and loudly sniffed at it. The crowd was getting a wild kick out of this. "How's it smell, kid?" "Smells like shit if you ask me!" "Yeah, but do you like it?" Loud laughter. "Well, ain't so bad, I guess. Smells better than most. We're always smellin' shit around a farm!" "Lick it for me!" Matt pleaded. "Get a taste of my children virgin nude pics sweaty hole." "I don't know, mister. You take baby virgin porno SHITS outta that hole! It is kinda purty, though. Well..." I tiny virgin russian girls looked around sneakily, "long as nobody can see me do it!" Tickled laughter, then a man spoke up. "Uh, Orville, maybe best we send the youngsters off for this part." The boys quickly complained, not even knowing what was going to happen but anxiously excited to see it. "Nope," Orville had already decided, "they're part of this. Don't expect they'll ever do it, but they can watch if they want. Hell, bet some o' these suck boys wouldn't mind tryin' the lickin' part." "JIMMY LICKED MY BUTTHOLE ONCE!" a sandy-haired kid of 15 blurted out, maybe to assure continued presence. "And I...I just smelled his." "You dirty rat, Clement!" a dark-haired kid of 13 squealed. "You said you'd never tell! You ornery hog cunt!" "It's alright, Jimmy. You'll see." Orville told him, smiling. "How come you didn't lick him, Clem? That'd be fair play." "I dunno. Almost russian baby virgins did, til I smelled it. Still, I almost did. Then I saw a little turd thing hangin' there...somethin' left over." "Okay," Orville grinned. "Then let's say it's safe to say you might not mind doin' it without any 'turd things' hangin' around, right?" "Mebbe," Clem admitted, hanging his head. "Everybody be honest, now," Orville suggested. "Any you other small virgin girl toplist boys tried that out?" Two other boys held up their hands, tentatively. "Well, let me tell ya all--I licked muh virgin teen illegal boy's hole once." "YA NEVER DID, free daily virgin thumbs PA!" Luke exclaimed, surprised. "Had muh tongue up inside there, scamp. You was sleepin' sound--didn't even know it!" He laughed. "Saw that naked, pretty bum layin' there. Jus couldn't help myself, I guess. Any of you other men done something like that--in all honesty?" Four hands went up. "Hadta do it when I was a suck boy," Wilbur admitted. "Uncle Burt over there made me." "You didn't have your hand up, Burt," Orville chided. "I-I never free virgin pussy did it back to him! Sorry 'bout that, Wilbur." "Don't matter," Wilbur smiled. "After the first coupla times, I was jus' pretendin' I didn't go for it. Shitfire, I'll lick ya right now, Uncle Burt. But most of all I wanna get me a suck boy to do to me. Wouldn't mind tradin' licks with Luke!" "Son, you like his big rod, and you sure gobbled up his nuts. Think you'd be interested in puttin' yur face up his crack?" "Gee, Pa. Quit teasin' willya! You know I'd be willin' fur anything with Wilbur, long's I get ta ride the pony!" "There ya go, Wilbur. My boy pret near says he'll suck yore shithole inside out long's he gets to bounce his pretty lost of virgin pictures bottom up bittorrent virginity and down your big pecker for a proper shaggin'!" Orville laughed heartily. "I NEVER SAID ALL THAT, PA!" "No, but you will if'n he asks ya to. You ain't like the most of us, Luke. First time you rode your Daddy's pony when you was ten, bouncing like crazy with your arms 'round my neck, I knew you was as queer virgin girl photo as they picture virgin nude come. Never gonna be womenfolk in your plans. Wilbur's much the same. He ain't never had a gal. Time you just went to live with him, I figger. free sex picture virgins You c'n be his gal, or suck boy, or whatever. Just come help with the plowing when I need you, alright? Now you just scoot your little buns down there and let's see you give Wilbur's bunghole a little sniff and a lick--see if you like it. Throw children pics virgin your legs up, Wilbur, let's get a good look at what the boy's gonna be tastin'!" Wilbur did better than that. "HOT DAMN!" he cried, hopping off the bale and squatting down, spreading his hunky ass for all to see. Then he layed back on the haystack and lifted his feet to the edge, scooting his spread asshole into Luke's closer view. Luke stood before it and hesitated, looking down at the excitingly obscene, lightly-haired anus. Wilbur lewdly flexed it in and out. "Come on, baby, do it!" "Got my mouth watering, Luke!" I cried out. "Here, let me do it!" "NO!" He made a quick beeline for it, and started to salaciously lap up and down Wilbur's hatch. Everybody was cheering and stroking their pricks, some of the younger boys licking their lips. "Now climb up there, son, and sit on his face!" Orville ordered. Wilbur helped him up until the boy was squatting over him, then he slowly brought the little tail down to his rising lips. All watched as Wilbur hungrily licked and sucked at the lad's 14-year-old hairless virgin babysitters asshole! More cheers. Matt and I looked at each other, smiling. It was easy to picture the boy grunting and pushing a tender turd into Wilbur's willing mouth maybe some day in the future. But then, that was my fantasy...and it wasn't Wilbur on the bottom. "Alright! That's settled. Now...ON WITH THE SHOW! Are you ready to outrage us, fellas?" he asked us. We stepped back into character--and back into position--my face at Matt's ass. "Well, long's nobody can see me!" I started again. "Wait! Sorry, boys," Orville had another idea. "I think all those who have licked a backside before should do it to those who have not experienced it--in rounds like before real russian virgins so nobody gets left out. Then, we'll switch places so that everyone has tried it. If anyone is not willing to lick a bung--leave off to the virginteens porn freevideos side. If it's too nasty to do--it's too nasty to have done to ya!" "Orv, I hardly think it proper ta go 'round butt-lickin' each other--'specially doin' the young'uns. They's supposed to be the suck boys! We don't wanna spoil 'em, do we?" "And tomorrow they go back to bein' suck boys," Orville assured the men, "but tonight all's even. This is a sex party! If'n you can't handle tryin' a little butt-lickin', Lloyd, just stand off and watch." "Naw. Hell, I'll try it." Lloyd insisted. No one else demurred. Orville joined the boys and other men in the middle of the circle. In rotation they went to the other men and boys--who were now taking places on the bales of galleries virgins hay-- and took several swipes on the eagerly offered assholes until they'd each licked every virgin butt. Then the rimmers switched places, while the newcomers made the rounds--each licking at every man or boy who'd recently pleasured them. A few 'accidents' happened--early orgasms. The virgin nude foto excitement of licking or being licked was simply too much for some of them. But good sports all, whoever was the closest quickly went down on the uncontrollable, throbbing cock--farmer 18 virgin sex diana on farmer and boy on boy in some cases. On the first round Wilbur and Luke knelt side- by-side, going down the line chuckling as they gaily licked holes! It was all pree teen virgins Matt and I could do to contain ourselves. This was the first time the audience had put on a better show than we did! So far, at least. Finally, all the local platters were licked clean. "Well," I looked around, "long's nobody can see!" More, but subdued, laughter. The best virgin sex photos smutty laughter of experience. It was hard to follow their act, but I dove between Matt's cheeks and made loud slurping noises as I slopped my tongue up and down his crack. Then I pulled away in complaint. "This is killing my neck, mister!" "Well, at least you tried it," Matt patted my shoulder. "No, I ain't done. Just wanna get more comfortable!" I sprawled out on the burlap--my feet away from the group. Matt came down in a 69 position, straddling my face. Then he bent over and started to nuzzle at my balls. This spread his ass wide apart and gave them a clear view while I tongued straight up into his wondrous asshole! "Boy sure knows his stuff!" one farmer litle sex virgin remarked. "Got his tongue up inside there!" another cried, delightedly. "This is fun!" I cried. "Am I as good as them city dudes?" "You wanna be?" Matt asked over his shoulder. ''Sure!" "Okay, but when city suckboys suck, they suck it all!" "Mister, I can do anything a city boy can do. BETTER!" "Alright. THEN SUCK ON THIS!" Matt spread his legs a little further apart, and slowly pushed. It was obvious to everyone that while I was licking, Matt's anus was opening up. "Hey, mister! Are...are you 'bout to take virginity incest a dump?!!" I cried out. "I'm smellin' russian virginz torrent more'n just butthole 'n...GOOD GOLLY! THEY'S SOMETHIN' BIG 'N DARK POKIN' ITS HEAD OUTTA THERE!" "Yep! I'm going to take a big healthy shit--right now!" A multitude of gasps were heard behind us--from the knowing men and from the unsuspecting youngsters. "City boys lick 'em. Lick my hot turd while I shit, kid. LICK IT ALL OVER!" The 'show' was over for me. I was practically oblivious to the rumble of sounds from behind me...'reality' was hitting me smack in the face! A long, fat, dark, swelteringly delicious turd was coming out of Matt's gaping anus and was slithering across my face while I licked furiously all over it! A deliriously exciting slow process, when it finally plopped clear, I held the long thing aside and clamped my mouth to his anus, sucking on the sweet lips and cleaning the luscious shit from it. The crowd was going crazy, shouting and applauding wildly. "WOWEE! HE LICKED THAT FELLA'S TURD!" a young one unnecessarily pointed and announced in astonishment. "C'n smell that ol' thing from here--must be a foot long!" "Gol durn! Put chur legs down, Mister Farlow, a young voice squealed, "I AIN'T GONNA DO NOTHIN' LIKE THAT!" "Me neither," another youngster giggled appreciatively, "but that was better'n watchin' cows flop!" Matt got up and dropped between my legs, pushing them back. "Fuck my asshole, mister!" I screamed. Then holding the long turd in both hands, I said to the crowd, before licking it again, "It's a little bitter, fellas, but OH! where it comes from!" Matt shoved in! "OH! FUCK ME!" I cried. "PORK MY LITTLE SUCKBOY ASS!" "Shut up and lick my turd, kid. I'm gonna pump a big load of hot jizz up your itchy bottom!" Matt lifted my hips virgin nudism up high and furiously started to pound his big cock in and out of my asshole. We weren't turned for the audience to get a good view--Matt wasn't fucking me for them. Matt was nasty virgins pussy fucking me for us! I put his turd aside and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his back. Squeezed tightly together, we kissed passionately while he drilled my ass to a pulp! "HOT DAMN! Get up here boy," a farmer cried out, fresh virgin galleries "SIT ON THIS!" The youngest of the lot, the boy climbed up and settled himself down carefully, until he was soon squirming on the man's fat rigid cock, luxuriating in having his little rectum fully stuffed. Matt had bolted a huge creamy load up my ass while I shot all over my belly. Now we were laying there, hugging, watching the antics of the rurals! Prongs were up...nuts were boiling. We'd done our part. We'd fired them up. Had we ever! Couplings were happening all over. Boy butts were being pronged lustily, and more than one farmer was offering up his own little virgins toplist pre-moistened slit for a randy young cock or a sturdy mastodon! "B-but Mr. Porter..." the 18-year-old farmhand stammered. "Go ahead, Richie," the farmer urged, "SLAM IT IN THERE! I didn't hire ya just for your good looks!" The husky young man grabbed onto his employer's writhing hips and pulled them back onto his stout prick! The man screamed from deep in his throat. "SWEET JAYZUS! PORK ME, RICHIE! AIN'T HAD MUH BUTT STUFFED LIKE THIS SINCE MY 4-H LEADER!" They fucked their brains out for the next 45 minutes. I jumped in a few times to suck out a drippy asshole little sweet virgins and clean a few cocks. If a prick was pulled out shit-streaked, they'd call me over. I was as how fuck lady virgin horny as the rest of them, and by now shit was shit to me. So I went hopping around licking their shitty cocks so they could plug them up another hole or, more likely, spread their cheeks for a turn-around. Eventually, attention was directed to Matt. He was in a mood for one of his marathon ass reamings, so one by one--as they were able to get it up again--they'd come over and shove their healthy, country dick up his hungry shithole! I stationed myself right there, helping by fiddling with their balls or licking their butts. I even finger-fucked a couple of them while they plugged my buddy. Then I'd clean each of kids porno virgins their cocks, while the next guy got in the free japanese schoolgirl virgin saddle. Meanwhile, others were taking turns going down on fresh virgin girls me-- mostly the young ones, but even the men seemed to enjoy sucking my joint. Others scooted under Matt, seemingly unfazed in the least sucking up the grunge left over from my hot rectum! No shit on his dick, but the raunchy aroma surrounding it left no doubt where it had recently been! "Were ya goin', Georgie?" Orville yelled out virgin naturists to a 16-year- old sneaking out the back. "Uh..." the boy gulped, not even sure why. "I-I gotta go!" "Go? Ain't even 11 yet! 'Sides, virginity photos aren't ya ridin' back erotic services in virginia with your pa?" "No...I mean...I gotta go, uh, poop!" he blushed. "Well hellfire, boy," Orville waved him back, "Come on over here so we all can watch. I think we're all up for another shittin'!" Georgie shook his head. "Naw, child virgin xxx I--I'll go outside." "Georgie!" Georgie's pa spoke up from between another farmer's legs. He'd been gently nibbling on his balls. "Getchur ass over here! Hop up on that bale over there and empty yurself out!" Georgie virgins russia hung his head, but obeyed, his dick swinging limp, but long, between his golden-fuzzed legs. His face was scarlet in embarrassment, but he climbed up on the double-layered bale and turned his ass toward the now-interested group. They were indeed up for another shitting! Even the guy presently fucking Matt pulled out to watch. I gave him a few quick licks, then we all crowded around Georgie. Orville began to fondle the boy's muscular, round ass. "Don't be so all-fired bashful, boy. We all shit! 'Cept this time we're gonna watch ya do it!" One of the boys took up position on the other side of the bale and started to play with Georgie's dangling ballsack, acting like he wanted a ringside seat if there was gonna be any turd-ploppin'! Georgie's father looked at me. "You want the boy should shit in your mouth, fella?" My mouth dropped. Matt whispered in my ear. "Go ahead, love. Give 'em something to virgin sex stories free talk about til harvest time. You planned on eating shit tonight, and I don't have any more. I won't be jealous. Hell, russian virgins nude pics look at it. If I was a shit-eater I'd clean that sweet ass out myself! Freak 'em out. Eat his turd--gorge on it. I'll be right tiny 13 teen virgin behind you finger-fuckin' your hole." Matt was already twiddling at my anus. "FUCK YES!" I cried out. "ALWAYS GOT ROOM FOR SOME HOT COUNTRY SAUSAGE!" I said in my most lacivious manner. Sighing, George knelt fresh virgin cunt on all fours, sticking his russsian virgins ass up in the air. I knelt behind him virgin russian boy and started to lick his asshole. Everyone was crowded close for a good look. "Oooh, I'm gonna shit!" gay virgin stories Georgie rested his head on his arms and just let loose. My mouth attached to his asshole was quickly filling up with his thick turd! I had my thumbs pressed into the sides of his anus, pulling it apart, keeping those muscles from squeezing shut. With the pressure of my mouth I helped to stall the speed of his delivery. Then, mouth full, I pulled back allowing his chunky turd to come into view. With two between my lips, I stopped when another five or six inches was protruding from his young rectum. It was a big, fat turd, and hardly smelled at all. The sweet/sour taste was tantalizing my tastebuds! We just froze for a few seconds. But in that time, the boy who'd been teasing his knockers bent over and ran a quick tongue up and over the curvature of his farmboy virgins foto buddy's steamy column of shit! An instant later, Orville's tongue did the same! Then for a just a few seconds I watched, directly ahead, as they both took simultaneous licks on the boy's buttery turd! Whoops japanese nude virgins 'n hollers came from the bystanders. Matt's finger was jammed as far up my ass as he could get it. I hadn't even been aware of it--I had been so engrossed with the pleasant taste of shit and the activity before me. But now he was grunging his finger sideways, circling it widely up inside me, working my anus open and my squatting rectum looser than ever. Had I needed to shit myself, turds would have started plopping out of my ass right then! When I felt three fingers plunging freely in and out of my asshole, Matt rested his head on my shoulder, and spoke loud enough for everyone to hear. "Boy's shittin' a beauty, Julian! Lovely fuckin' turd! Just the kind you like. Start chewing. Eat his fuckin' sweet turd. Then I'll let you lick the fingers I got stuffed up your ass!" The others were either totally virgin toplists engrossed in silence, or yelping. Matt was pushing buttons baby virgins all over the place. He was pushing their buttons with his lewd words, and pushing his finger on my button, driving my prostate wild while I squirmed on four plunging fingers. I was afraid he was going to shove his whole hand up there and twist my prostate right out Buying asian virgins and beat it to death! I started to eat. I pulled back amature virgin voyeur porn a bit, then sank my teeth into the end of it! It was a turd any boy would be proud of. Fat and sectioned, glistening with a slick, thin coating of solidified, recently-deposited cum mixed with heavenly, mellow assjuice that crackled between my teeth like breaking open an M&M. Inside, it was so incredibly creamy that it practically melted in my mouth. I loved the mixture of spiciness and the tell-tale taste and texture of tangy little sperms, still churning away, from who knows how many spurting Iowa pricks serviced during the evening. All in all, the combination of these sensations--sound, smell, taste and feel--soon had my mouth and throat working overtime. I lifted a hand to steady it, then while Georgie knelt on all fours--his father, buddies, and friends looking on--I worked my lips down the turd, consuming as I went along! "YEAH!" Matt encouraged me, panting, "SHOW 'EM HOW IT'S DONE! Damn, Julian, you greedy little shit-eater! You've got every one of us wondering what that thing tastes like...the way you're gobbling it down. EAT IT ALL! Must be seven, eight inches of hot shit comin' out of Georgie's luscious pink asshole. Ooooh! You make it look so stories girls virgin incest gooood! Gonna have these boys gettin' Georgie to shit for them all the time! Gonna have the boy feedin' the countryside!" Lewd, luxuriously smooth moans ukrainian virgins porn were expressed at that! One farmer, with a massive throbbing cock, began to sputter his intention of coming. "Here!" Matt motioned him. "Stick it back here!" I tried to gasp, almost choking on the mouthful of shit I was devouring, when fingers were wrenched from my ass and about ten inches of pulsating cock was thrust up my asshole! Matt reached between my legs and fingered the man's prick base, squeezing it tightly while the farmer's heavy equipment spasmed violently, sending enormous explosions of boiling manjuice splattering against my rectal walls. "GAWD ALMIGHTY!" the farmer cried, hugging me and looking over my shoulder, "s-s-suck that h-hot little t-turd, fella, I think my pecker's blowin' apart! Eeeeiiih!" Feeling my upper colon being throbbingly pounded against and washed with the man's hot, sticky fluids, I rapidly ate my way clear up to Georgie's gaping anus. I was stuffed with shit--stuffed with cock--and was suddenly blowing a huge wad of my own between 18-year-old Richie's sucking lips! I threw my head back, catching my breath, and spurted streams of prick- juice into the older suckboy?/man?'s vacuuming mouth. I wasn't really sure just where Richie fit in--all I knew was that if he wasn't before--he certainly was now--an expert at drinking down big loads from a guy's bursting cockknob! Meanwhile, Orville had turned Georgie's butt sideways and was now unashamedly cleaning his evacuated shithole, while the young ballfiddler on the other side was giving Georgie a noisy blowjob! We all rested back after free shocking virgin pics this, the country folk expressing their appreciation for our 'fuck-it-all' performances, and especially for opening new possibilities for them. We told them we'd appreciated the fun as much as they had. Then Matt reminded me that I hadn't licked his fingers yet. He held them up. I nude teen virgins looked at him as if I were exasperated. "You just love making me out to be the ultimate pervert, don't you?" He just smiled at me. "Hell, boy," Lloyd offered, cheerfully, "YOU ARE! Just about the filthiest, nastiest fella WE ever set eyes on! Give 'em here." He grabbed Matt's upthrust hand. "Let me clean 'im up." He pulled virgin pussy photo the fingers into his mouth, slurping loudly, smacked his lips, then smiled at me "Least I can do!" The whole place erupted in laughter. "Listen, you fellas want to stick around a coupla days and rest up, you're sure welcome. You can stay up at the house." We ended up staying another three days, but we didn't get much rest. There wasn't another mass orgy involved, or any involved shit-fests (for me, shit-feasts), but little cute virgin we did manage to sample a bit more of their 'heterosexual-style' laid-back country living!! Luke managed to corner me one day for his promised 'pro' blowjob. I was more than happy to deliver. And he was more than happy to reciprocate. Five years of sucking off farmers--and his Pa--definitely put Luke in the 'pro' category himself. He was whumpin' down on my meat just as avidly as I was. Just as we were going at it hot and heavy, Wilbur came around the side of the barn. "SO! Just hitched, and you're cheatin' on me already! I guess the honeymoon's over?" Luke sucked his mouth off my cock with a loud, luscious smack. "Hi, Wilbur! Find a place and join in. Honeymoon don't even start til these fellas leave!" "Might as well," Wilbur laughed, "Matt's down in the holler entertainin' some of the young'uns. They's all takin' turns stickin' their peckers up his bum! Insayshabull, that one!" Wilbur shucked his clothes off. Luke and I turned on our sides, continuing our 69. Luke's new 'husband' poked around here and there--nearly everywhere--lickin' nuts and assholes, caressing bottoms, bellies and legs. He even licked the sweet boysweat from Luke's armpits! After our first mutual orgasms, together we pleasured Wilbur, sharing his big dick as we licked up and down the sides of it. Then the three of us decided to join the group in the holler, and we all spent the afternoon suckin' 'n fornicatin'! Matt had a ball letting the usually submissive suckboys use his asshole to their hearts' content. But as much as he enjoyed their randy peckers and youthful enthusiasm, he gave them a good lesson in how to give yourself up to a thorough reaming when he managed to get a double-drubbing from Wilbur's hefty prick! By then, Matt's rectum was overflowing with delicious boycum, so I showed them what to do if stranded in the desert with nothing to drink. I drained their nourishing, liquid syrup from Matt's battered, puffy anus! Then Matt picked up on the virgin girls theme and showed them another way. He had me piss in his mouth! He knelt there while I held my flaccid cock, aiming my stream so that it shot down his throat. He gulped away, sometimes shaking his head so that it splattered his face, then he pulled it into his mouth and drank a few more pints! This tickled everyone, and the afternoon ended up with playful littles virgin piss games. The giggling boys pissed all over each other. There wasn't much drinking going on, but Luke tried to emulate Matt by taking most of Wilbur's forceful stream. We left the heartland a little richer and definitely worn out! With Luke now at Wilbur's place, and sending his wife away to visit her cousin, Orville had a little private party with us on our last night. The three of us were joined by a newcomer-- Orville's younger son, Zack. Zack was a tall, lanky, eager 12- year-old destined to replace Luke as crm virgin records his pa's suckboy. We promised not to reveal what took place, but I will say that it was by far the 'nastiest' time of all! Now we understood why Orville so readily gave up Luke to Wilbur. As an afterthought, I wondered whether Mrs. Buckworth ever got any! "Matt," I sighed during the drive back, "I almost feel bad about taking their money. Do you think they'd let us come back sometime if we paid them?!" Matt laughed. "Don't worry, the way they all chipped in, and the fun they had, it was all worth it to them. Orv was already talking about a 'return engagement' after the next harvest." "Jeez! Instead of us performing, we should become their agents and book them as an audience!" "You do the booking--I'll join the audience!" I layed back while Matt drove, closed my eyes, and thought about some of the other 'private parties' we'd had with members of other audiences. Guys who got so turned on they were willing to pay for an 'up-close and personal' showing--or a chance to do nasties that they'd thought about but never had the opportunity to indulge in. There was Lee, who fucked me up the ass while hanging over my shoulder to watch Matt shit in my mouth. And Garson, who got up real close as Matt sat on my face and plopped out a hefty one. All he wanted to do was watch and sniff. He'd make remarks about how revolting it all was, acting indignant that he was being subjected to such detestable odors. Every time he'd say something caustic, he'd get his nose closer and breathe deeper. He could easily have stuck his tongue out and licked it--he was that close. But he ashley greene a virgin wouldn't touch it. The man just loved smelling shit! Another strange one, Walter, merely wanted us to be an 'understanding' audience while he pleasured himself with his own turd. Something he'd probably done many times, but craved being an exhibitionist about it. He watched himself taking a shit in a mirror, dropping his turds on the floor. Then he got down and stuck his face in the mess he'd made, smelling and licking at it. Then while he jacked off and finger-fucked himself, he started to gobble it up like a dog eating his own poop! Did I look so disgusting? I like to think I do it with a little more flair and sophistication! Then there were the rich, middle-aged Harper Twins...THE ENDComments appreciated...please mention story name.
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